About me

my facial logoTamra Whitney
B: 1949
H: Fort Bragg, CA

I live in Northern California in the city of Fort Bragg. I’ve been here about 36 years. -Hard to believe that long- and doing art in between wage earning jobs and raising boys (they’re all grown and living their lives, some with children). I worked 15 of those years for Cal parks and am now retired from the job and do what I want for the most part. That being cycling mostly and an occasional work of art.

I made this website because people and friends often ask me “what kind of artwork do you do?” I tell them to check out my work on my website, it’s also a blog. The website makes it easy for people to see what I do. The menu above are quick links to types of media I’ve used.

I hope you find my work interesting. Let me know in the comments what you think or feel about them.
Thanks for checking in.